Project Overview


If you have been denied short-term or long-term disability benefits, or had your benefits terminated, through an employer sponsored insurance policy, you have a legal right to appeal the denial or termination. “Employer sponsored” means these are not social security disability benefits. The benefits are not paid by the government, but rather by private companies such as Unum, Cigna, Liberty Mutual, Anthem, etc.

You should not handle the appeal yourself as that is almost a guarantee of failure. You need an attorney with specific experience in this field. The insurance company will not tell you this. The insurance companies make the appeal sound like something that you can handle yourself. I have the specialized knowledge and experience to file a successful appeal on your behalf, which will mean that your benefits will be re-started if they were stopped or you will begin getting benefits if you were denied. Also, you will usually receive an upfront lump sum payment for the months that you were wrongly denied benefits.

I have won appeals against the following companies:

Baystate Health Systems
Liberty Life Assurance

I have succeeded in getting long-term disability benefits for clients with the following disabilities:

PTSD and depression
Vocal cord dysfunction
Multiple sclerosis
Permanent side effects of chemotherapy
Graft versus host disease
Myofascial pain syndrome
Lupus erythematosus
Spinal cord dysfunction from arthritis and injury

Whether or not you can satisfy the definition of “totally disabled” depends in part on your occupation. These are some of the occupations of the clients for whom I have won long-term disability benefits:

Bank manager
Mortgage loan officer
Grade school teacher
Wharehouse worker
Information technology
College administrator
Automobile sales
Mental health case manager