Project Overview


Often the cases that I handle, and the clients I help, do not fit into the specific categories that are listed here. Please do not hesitate to call me if you think you have a legal problem that is outside of these subject areas.

Since beginning the practice of law in 1989, I have helped clients with many kinds of legal issues. This is a short list to give you some idea of the range of assistance I can give you:

▪ Obtained the return of a six-figure non-refundable deposit being held back by a retirement community;

▪ Obtained a court order allowing my client, a retail establishment, to audit the books of its landlord;

▪ Persuaded an incompetent trustee to resign his position so that a trustee favorable to my clients could be appointed;

▪ Represented a nurse before the Nursing Board of Registration and as a result she avoided an unjust suspension;

▪ Prevented a local housing authority from banning an elderly tenant’s dog.